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Tessa Fredericks
  • Former Sankalp Volunteer
  • Group Volunteering // Summer Program // Project for Street Kids 
  • Jaipur, India
  • fv@volunteersindia.org

My name is Tessa Fredericks and I serve as the USA volunteer liaison for Sankalp Volunteer.

"The summer program consists of 2 weeks of volunteering and 1 week of travel. Most of the volunteer programs are in the morning, so you are able to explore the city in the afternoon with others. The volunteer house itself is in a very convenient place.. just down the street from a grocery store and within a residential area in Jaipur and is very nice! Volunteers had a lot of liberty and freedom to go where we want and explore the city, but with a curfew and being safe, which was awesome because we got to explore India and do things we wanted. Overall, the experience was spectacular, and I was able to see so much of India in a very short time, so this program is very worth it. Pranay and Amita will take care of whatever you need and you will have the most fabulous time! Other than being careful what you eat and drink, I have nothing bad to say because my experience in India was so fabulous because of Sankalp! I strongly recommend this program; you'll have so much fun! :) "
- Tessa


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