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Orphange volunteer project

Orphanage Work

Our aim is to assist the orphanage in helping the children with our orphanage work program. The volunteers will participate in the daily routines and can make a great contribution just by being caring and affectionate in the work with the children. The volunteers will work with the children in the age group 0 to 6 years old. There are also groups of physically/mentally challenged children; working with them will especially be challenging, so this is where the Orphanage staff seriously needs help. Mentally challenged children need special care and attention, but the Orphanage does not have enough manpower to support this cause. Volunteers will assist the Orphanage staff in the daily routines and contribute with special attention to the children. 

Volunteer work activities

Help with bathing and dressing the children
Help with feeding the children; especially the babies and mentally challenged
Nursing and caring for the children
Exercise activities with applicable children 
Organizing and facilitating games and plays for the children
Educating the children about personal and environmental hygiene
Help in other activities with help of orphanage staff

Project requirements

Duration - The minimum required time for Orphanage program is 4 weeks. 
Age limit - Minimum required age is 18 and maximum age depends on participant's health. 
Qualification - The only qualification that we require of our volunteers is that you come motivated to help needy people.
Visa type - Your trips fall under the category of volunteer tourism and you will need to obtain tourist visa to India.

This program allows female volunteers only.

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