Affordable Volunteer Fees

We provide most affordable and transparent volunteer programs in India. We directly offer volunteer programs with non-profit organization, therefore, you eliminate the need of middle man (placement agencies) and you pay much less and get correct placement!

We are a great choice if you will be traveling alone and want to engage in meaningful volunteer work with like-minded people. The volunteer programs have been chosen not only for affordability, but also for the organization's reputations and established histories as well.

Volunteer With Non-Profit For Free

You will be volunteering with local non-profit organization for 100% free.

However, you pay a program fee to cover the costs associated to host you as a volunteer / traveler that includes airport transfers, accommodation, meals, daily transportation to projects, excursions, adventure tours and other travel support in India, managed and operated by Real India Experience Tour.

The volunteer program fees starting from $360 for 1 week including application fee! No additional fees for bank charges, taxes, daily transport, etc.

Why Do Volunteer Pay?

The fees you pay are not only used to cover costs of services provided directly to you, but are also used for behind the scenes management of our quality volunteer programs that benifits the needy people.

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Direct Expenses


Indirect Expenses




Project Development



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