Best Volunteer Abroad Programs In India

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteering India, for many people, can seem like a daunting prospect. There are so many questions in figuring out what to do, where to go, and who to help. We want to help you figure out what is the best volunteer abroad program for you before heading on your big adventure to India.

Orphanage Volunteer Program

orphanage volunteer work

The orphanage volunteer work program offers an opportunity to interact and care for the neediest children in Jaipur. This program is very dynamic and is often viewed as life changing in both the impact you will have on the children and more importantly the impact the children will have on you. Since this is a government run orphanage, volunteers assist the employed orphanage staff with the daily routines for the children who range from 0-6 years old (both girls and boys). The children vary in all different needs, development, and abilities based on their individual backgrounds. Volunteers participate in dressing, feeding, playing, caring, and loving the orphanage children. Our volunteers are able to make a profound difference in orphan's lives by providing them with affection and love that may not otherwise receive or experience.

Volunteer Work with Street Children

street children volunteer

The voluntary organization runs street children volunteer program located in the needier neighborhoods of Jaipur. These children are able to receive a free education, materials, and uniforms by attending the school daily. Along with a local Indian teacher, volunteers are able to teach the children basic educational skills such as English, math, reading, and writing; while also offering a structure based day involving etiquette norms and life skills. In between educational lessons, the volunteers can enjoy playing outdoor sports and games with the children, encouraging their physical development. Street children students range in all ages and educational levels; volunteers will be provided materials and orientation based on their assigned class.

Women’s Empowerment Volunteer Program

volunteer for women empowermen

Our volunteer for women empowerment program offers a unique experience for volunteering to positively affect the lives of young women and girls in the rural areas of India. The volunteers spend the afternoons teaching these young women communication skills, basic skills for their future career or educational paths, computer skills, along with many other encouraging lessons. These positive interactions help build up the confidence in these young women. Through this program, we strive to offer a changing outlook on life for growing girls in a society that is lacking the understanding of the equal importance of a girl's value in life. While empowering these girls, volunteers will find empowerment and purpose in their own lives as well.

Think no further! Discuss it with your family and friends, take suggestions and advise from experienced volunteers and apply for the one of our volunteering program in India in 2020. Let's join hands and create some positive impact!

Looking forward to hear from you!