Yoga Retreat and Volunteer Holiday Program in India

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul through Yoga and Volunteer Program in Jaipur- An ultimate volunteer and travel experience!

Since ages, yoga has always been associated with the culture and heritage of India. So, it's a big miss if you come to India and do not experience the real yoga vibes. Join volunteering and yoga adventure in UNESCO world heritage site Jaipur and make your journey worthwhile by learning and practicing yoga from experienced yoga teachers who will help you discover or rediscover your spiritual side. Enlighten your mind and health while giving back to local communities and helping the unprivileged ones through rewarding volunteer projects of local NGO.

Yoga and Volunteer Program

This affordable project is designed for yoga and meditation lovers without any extra cost. This yoga retreat and volunteering opportunity in India will help you to find your true self physically as well as spiritually. With the guidance of our expert yoga instructors, you will learn important techniques to improve your yoga practice forever.

volunteer and yoga program

Isn't it a good idea to spend your holidays traveling, doing yoga and helping others altogether?

Yoga Sessions

We arrange 2/3 sessions of Yoga in Jaipur every week, one on Tiger Fort and 1/2 sessions in the volunteer house. It means, if you apply for the volunteer program for even a week's duration, you can be a part of this program without any extra cost. However, you will need to buy a Sankalp Volunteer T-shirt and Yoga mat which costs US $25/person.

volunteer and yoga india

The type of yoga combines physical postures (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation with various cleansing practices. Our local yoga gurus work carefully to help you connect spiritually and to help you get more from your yoga practice. The session is usually 1 hour to 1.5 hours and you can go either in the morning or evenings (depending on Yoga teacher's availability). Yoga classes are always held in a group.

After the morning yoga session, you will have to take part in rewarding community-based volunteer work with local NGO programs.

Volunteer Work

Yoga and Volunteer Program is available any day, year-round at Jaipur location. You will be volunteering with Sankalp Volunteer Society, India which is a registered, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1994. It is registered under the Rajasthan Society Act 1958 as an association working for the welfare of the poor people of the state.

Volunteers can choose to volunteer for durations ranging from 1 week to 12 months. The "Orphanage Work" and "Women Empowerment Programs" are available for the minimum project duration of 2 and 4 weeks.

volunteering and yoga program

In Jaipur, you are provided accommodation in our volunteer house which is a building owned by the organization. The volunteers' home is fully residential and well arranged with some modern as well as traditional pieces of equipment. You will be staying in shared rooms with bunk bed facility and this makes it easy for making new friends and thus you'll never feel alone on your project.

Feel free contact us if you have any questions or you require further information on Yoga and Volunteer program in Jaipur.