Family Volunteering and Holiday Programs

The concept of family volunteering holidays is now popular and with good reason. The volunteering is not just limited to students, individuals, couples, and career breakers. This life-changing experience is something that we encourage in everyone to do meaningful, responsible travel with the whole family.

Living and volunteering in a developing country with your family is an intriguing challenge and a good learning process which can bring a family together in new ways. Our family volunteering opportunities in India gives all family members a unique shared experience of living and working together. Our family volunteering holidays in India are extremely flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

Yes, you can bring your children along with you if they are at least four years old. Our family volunteering projects allow you to inspire adventure, exploration, generosity and the willingness to learn from a very young age of children and teens.

The children between 4-14 years old can be accommodated and work with their parent(s) for an extra fee. Please contact us for more information.

If your child is aged 15 or older, he/she may volunteer without the accompaniment of a parent at the standard per person price.

When setting up arrangements for a family to volunteer together, we always work hard to personalise your project and accommodation to your personal situation. There is certain volunteer location and program category that we find more suitable than others for families.

We can usually arrange volunteer programs for families in Jaipur and program categories that we specifically recommend for families include:

  • Orphanage Volunteer Program
  • Volunteer with Street Children

Day 1: Arrival & Pickup

Saturday: Once you get picked up from the airport you will be taken to our volunteer's house in Jaipur. You will to our local team and give you a house introduction.

Day 2: Program Orientation

Sunday: Next day of your arrival, you will begin program orientation with the program manager and then taken to see nearby things like ATM, Bank, Supermarket, Laundry etc.

Day 3-7: Volunteer Work

Monday - Friday: After breakfast you will be going to the project site to get introduced to the children and local teachers. One of our staff will be with you at all times.

Lunch will be at home between 13:00 to 14:00 hours. Your evenings can be spent indulging in cultural activities and local sightseeing. Our local teams will give you plenty of ideas of what to do!

Dinner will be available at home between 19:00 to 20:00 hours.

To find out what we can set up for you on Family Volnteer Program, give us a call or email to discuss your travel requirements.