Sankalp Volunteer Organization History

1994- 2005

Establishment of Society (NGO)

Volunteering India History

Sankalp Volunteer Organization India got registered on 24 December 1994 under the 'Society Registration Act 1958 of India'. Since then the founding committee of society has been involved in various social activities such as providing supplies and support in childcare & daycare centers, computer and English classes for women in rural areas, etc. with all its capabilities and sources.

2006 - 2007

Launching of Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs

In Oct 2006, our organization launched Volunteer Programs intending to offer better education and care to every needy one, as well as to get volunteer support and achieve financial requirements to run Sankalp's social projects.

2007 - 2008

Establishment of School for Street Children

Street Children Volunteer

The Society started a School for Street Children near the localities of dwellings of the deprived communities with the aim to offer early education to their children at least for 5 to 6 years and then to send them to a Government School to continue higher education.

2009 - 2010

Beginning of Orphanage Work Program

Orphanage Volunteer Program

The Sankalp society was first organization in India who started volunteer work to serve orphanages. Our mission is to do everything possible to help children living in the homes. We provide Orphanage Volunteer Support and Services as much as we can.

2010 - 2017

Start of Volunteer and Travel Programs

Summer Volunteer Program

After the success of our previous programs, we launched volunteer and travel (combined) programs such as Summer Volunteer Program, Work & Travel, Volunteering & India Expeidition and many more. Since the travel opportunities in India, which are being offered by travel agencies, are over expensive so we offer the best travel programs with volunteer work opportunities on most affordable fees that financially supports our volunteer projects.

2018 - 2019

Celebrating 25 Years with Excellence Award 2018

volunteering india

Another feather in our hat! Our 25th anniversary got marked by 'Excellence Award 2018' for child welfare activities, at the excellence awards presented by the Social Justice and Empowerment Department, Government of Rajasthan (India).We are also proud to have hosted more than 2500+ volunteers and to come up with funds for the underprivileged society through our volunteer programs.

Featured Program:

Summer Volunteer Program 2020