Volunteer & Internship Opportunities in India

Here are the safe, meaningful and best India Volunteer opportunities and internship programs directly work with a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) which is most popular among international volunteers.

Below are the diverse volunteer, internship and travel opportunities for individuals, couples, students, and families to come and enjoy their travel while making a contribution towards the betterment of local communities of India.

To apply to volunteer / internship program with Sankalp Volunteer Society, go to one of the programs listed below, select duration under "Duration & Fee" tab and click "Continue" to apply.

Check out the following India volunteer opportunities and community service related internships to see if any would make a great fit for you!

volunteer opportunities

Program for Street Children

street children volunteer

Program Location - Jaipur

Age Limit - 18 Years+

Duration - 1 to 24 weeks

Fee - USD $110 for 1 week

The organization is running a school near the location of a needy community. With our Program for Street Children in Jaipur we provide free education for the children. The volunteers / interns are mainly focusing on the ways needed for their upliftment. You teach them general knowledge, etiquette / norms and manners with the help of class teacher.

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Orphanage Work & Support

orphanage volunteer program

Program Location - Jaipur

Age Limit - 18 Years+

Duration - 2 to 24 weeks

Fee - USD $220 for 2 week

With our orphanage volunteer work and internship program we seek to assist the orphanage staff in helping taking care of the children. The volunteers / interns will participate in the daily routines and can contribute just by being caring and affectionate in their work with the children. You will be working with the children from 0 to 6 years old.

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Teaching English

teach english volunteer program

Program Location - Jaipur, Dharamshala

Age Limit - 18 Years+

Duration - 2 to 24 weeks

Fee - USD $220 for 2 week

The teaching Program is run in Government Primary Schools in rural areas of different states of India. The volunteers / interns will teach in the schools and organize various enjoyable and creative activities for the children to sharpen their talents and increase their knowledge. You work continuously to explore the hidden talent in the children and to promote them.

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Women Empowerment

women empowerment volunteer in India

Program Location - Jaipur, Dharamshala

Age Limit - 18 Years+

Duration - 4 to 24 weeks

Fee - USD $440 for 2 week

The concept of women empowerment lies in gross development of women physically, mentally and literarily. When girls are habitually absent from school, volunteers make individual visits to parents, encouraging them to send their daughters back to school.

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Volunteering with Elephants

volunteering with elephants

Program Location - Jaipur

Age Limit - 18 Years+

Duration - 1 to 4 weeks

Fee - USD $275 for 1 week

The fees abroad volunteers pay are not only used to cover costs of services provided to you, but are also used for behind the scenes management of our quality volunteer programs that benefits the needy children and women.

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Holiday Volunteering 2020

holiday volunteering

Volunteer Location - Jaipur

Age Limit - 16 Years +

Duration - 2 weeks

Program Fee - USD $940

Volunteer work can be a wonderful way to explore incredible India the festival season, meet new friends, and make an impact as a volunteer. Perhaps that’s why holiday volunteering is becoming our one of most popular program.

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Summer Volunteer Program 2020

summer volunteer program

Volunteer Location - Jaipur

Age Limit - 16 Years +

Duration - 3 weeks

Program Fee - USD $1140

Join our summer volunteer program 2020 and increase your self-esteem and confidence. The summer program provides you a greater understanding of others. This is three week long program is a combination of travelling to the most beautiful parts of the country and volunteering in India. As a volunteer you will be working with children of the downtrodden society.

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Volunteer Work & Travel

volunteer work and travel

Volunteer Location - Jaipur

Age Limit - 16 Years +

Duration - 4 weeks

Program Fee - USD $1190

This volunteer work & travel program will give you the unique opportunity to combine meaningful volunteering work with an action-packed adventure tour. In this way you are able to give back to the people and environment of your host country and at the same time discover its diversity of cultural and natural attractions.

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Volunteering & India Expedition

volunteer travel india

Volunteer Location - Jaipur

Age Limit - 16 Years +

Duration - 6 weeks

Program Fee - USD $1740

Are you looking for an adventurous and rewarding experience in India? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our gap year experience combines travel, adventure and volunteer work. The program is a mixture of rewarding experiences and action. We offer a 6 week Gap Year India Expedition and Volunteer work program that will give you an experience of a lifetime.

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Family Volunteering Holiday

family volunteering holiday

Volunteer Location - Jaipur

Duration - 1-24 weeks

Fees - USD $110/week/adult

Fees - USD $50/week/child

This is an opportunity to meet and play with local children, and will learn to be more appreciative of what they have. Family volunteering holidays in India may even change your children's view on their future careers or just be great fun and ultimate experience for whole family.

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High School Special

volunteer programs for high school

Volunteer Location: Jaipur

Age Limit - 15 to 18 Years

Duration - 2/4 weeks

Fee - USD $440 for 2 week

If you want to have new experiences and meet people from around the world and give back to the society then our high school special program can be an advantage for you. This tailor-made program is available for 2 or 4 weeks duration for the 15-18 year olds. We help young people to experience life in India and help underprivileged children, and gain self-confidence.

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University Volunteering

student volunteering

Volunteer Location - Jaipur

Age Limit - 18 Years +

Duration - 1-24 weeks

Fee - USD $110 for 1 week

We offer volunteer opportunities for students in India with charity after or before university. This is a great way to use the long summer holidays and winter or spring breaks to experience an elite culture away from ordinary tourism. You not only contribute to the society but you will gain new skills and a life time experiences.

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