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No other place quite like Delhi! Those who are travelling for the first time find it an overwhelming experience. That's Delhi for you. With a history that's both rich and tragic, Delhi isn't just a city. It's a universe of its own.

About Delhi

Capital of India, Delhi is the seat of administration and the monuments which tell the saga of a bygone era stand there. These icons are testimony to the grandeur of the past and also an attraction for the tourists. With an area of 1483 sq. Kms, Delhi is all set to acquire full statehood. The charm of Delhi has attracted Emperors and Conquerors. It is correctly said that Delhi is a land of 'Dilwalas' or for people with heart. This phrase acquires a true color when one goes around the lanes of Delhi.

Volunteer Programs in Delhi

Weather and Climate

Delhi's has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer (April - August) and cold in winter (December - February). The average temperature can vary from 40 to 45 degree during the summer and 20 to 5 degree during the winters.

The pleasant Delhi weather makes this a perfect time to soak in the beauty and charm of this grand old city.

The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March but unfortunately, this national capital dip in pollution in this time every year and become one of the most polluted city in India.

volnteer in Delhi India

Volunteer Programs in Delhi

Being a volunteer in Delhi can be an enriching experience. You can contribute to the society while also getting the chance to explore this historically important city but due bad pollution situation, currently we are not open to providing volunteer programs in New Delhi.

Alternatively, we invite you to join volunteer program in Jaipur, Rajasthan "The Land of Kings".

Here, we offer a lot to the traveller in terms of history, culture, food, hospitality and welcoming people and variety of projects such as Orphanage Volunteer Work and Program for Street Children, Women Empowerment, Teaching English and Internship Programs for students with non-profit organization. Thousands of abroad volunteer choose to take part in a volunteer programs in Jaipur every year.

Volunteer with non-profit in Jaipur!