Melanie Niquette, USA

I did the Street Kids Education volunteer program through the 2014 Summer Program. My experience with Sankalp was extraordinary! I wish we had more time with the kids, but I will never forget the time that I did get to spend with them. Pranay and Amita, the program directors, took extremely good care of all of us during our stay in India. I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable during the entire program! Transportation was always reliable and everything addressed on their website page and itinerary was followed and legitimate. The volunteer house we stayed at was lovely and well set up. We always had fresh food cooked for us for lunch and dinner by their amazing cook, Puni The program was well organized and the last week of travel went smooth. The various hotels we stayed at throughout our travels were high class and of very nice condition. Most of the money spent on your volunteer program of choice through Sankalp goes directly to the cause you are volunteering for which in my opinion, is pretty cool

Summer Volunteer Program Jaipur
Carly Moskowitz, USA

I found Sankalp right here on and I am so glad that I did. I recently spent 5 weeks in Jaipur volunteering with the Sankalp street children program, and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. The street children program is fairly well organized and the bonds you form with the kids is incredible. I miss them and think about them every day. The language barrier is tough, especially with the younger kids, but it is definitely workable. You need to like kids though, and you need to be someone who does not get frustrated easily. The week of travel at the end of the summer program is absolutely incredible. One of my favorite parts of this program is that it allows for so much exploration. It really is the trip of a lifetime.

Summer Volunteer Program Jaipur
Tessa Fredericks, USA

I was in Jaipur, India with Sankalp Volunteer Society for 3 weeks working in a local orphanage doing the summer program. The summer program consists of 2 weeks of volunteering and 1 week of travel. Most of the volunteer programs are in the morning, so you are able to explore the city in the afternoon with others. The volunteer house itself is in a very convenient place..just down the street from a grocery store and within a residential area in Jaipur and is very nice! Volunteers had a lot of liberty and freedom to go where we want and explore the city, but with a curfew and being safe, which was awesome because we got to explore India and do things we wanted. Overall, the experience was spectacular, and I was able to see so much of India in a very short time, so this program is very worth it. Pranay and Amita will take care of whatever you need and you will have the most fabulous time! Other than being careful what you eat and drink, I have nothing bad to say because my experience in India was so fabulous because of Sankalp! I strongly recommend this program, youll have so much fun

Summer Volunteer Program Jaipur
Rebeeca David, USA

While my time on the program was very short (just 2 weeks). I really enjoyed this opportunity to work with women and girls on women empowerment initiatives. I enjoyed the experience to learn more about the lives, challenges and realities of women in this region, and to help them develop skills and confidence to set goals and achieve them. It was a wonderful experience to live like locals do, and learn about Indian culture. I found Jaipur an interesting location. Rich history and beautiful sites, Speople friendly. Accommodation and food was very good. Comfortable rooms, beds & house. The food was very good authentic style delicious food. I worked with one other volunteer for 2 days and it was great to partner with her. It was helpful for each of us to be able to each focus with a group and work on different skills (language & Computer). I would recommend Sankalp to others.
Thank you for making this a wonderful experience

Project for Women Empowerment Jaipur
Claire Cameron, UK

The Streetkids project under Summer Program was worthwhile. Amita and Pranay really look after their volunteers. The kids are adorable and the accommodation and food provided is great. The travel week after is a great way to end the summer if you only have a short time to explore all the major attractions of India.

Summer Volunteer Program Jaipur
James Caren Griding, UK

Overall all I have found my experience here at Sankalp extremely positive and have enjoyed my time here. I found the program excellent for both the volunteer and students. I would look forward to rejoining the program in the future. My experiences have been very rewarding and have really enjoyed my time here. The community was very welcoming and friendly has had no problems with staff/ community or children. Excellent food and good quality accommodation. The staff was excellent. I will certainly recommend the program to others. I had a very rewarding and worthwhile experience, something I will cherish.

Project for Street Kids Jaipur