Lauren Rothwell, UK

It was a great experience and I wish I could stay longer. I would love to visit again next year at some stage. I have never taught children before this is definitely something I enjoyed and will do it again in the future. The accommodation is good. It is comfortable, secure and very clean. The food is amazing! The other volunteers have been great. I have made some really good friends and have learnt a lot from others. It is nice to work as a team to achieve something great. Pranay and Amita have been approachable & friendly throughout the program & are always there if there is a problem. I would definitely recommend Sankalp to others.

Project for Street KidsJaipur
Joe Smerdon, UK

The street children program appears well organized and smoothly run. It was completely adverse to what I expected but I have a wild and eccentric imagination. I had thought it would literally be unorganized with kids of and of the street, the school, uniform and equipment, books etc was refreshing and I do get an impression that this will make an large difference to these kids lives. I feel in my month alone kids seemed to make much progress. I feel I have gained much experience and would not be adverse to work with children in the futures. My personal experience of the program has been more then positive, I always been smiling and everyday I have relished teaching. I build up very strong bonds with the children and feels heart wrenching to came away from them. The bonds made with the colleagues are also strong and I can keep in touch with them. The food and accommodation were great. I will definitely recommend Sankalp to others, especially for those who want a gentle dip into Indian Culture. 

Project for Street KidsJaipur
Yvonne Doeven, Australia

I loved my time at Sankalp! I chose the work & travel option, so week days were spent teaching English to street kids, and weekends were spent touring around Rajasthan. The weekend trips were very well organised and it was so nice to have the opportunity to see other parts of Rajasthan with the new friends gained through volunteering. The kids were gorgeous! Meals provided at the house were always delicious and filling. I'll always remember my time spent with Sankalp and I highly recommend this program. Thanks for the opportunity

Work & Travel Program Jaipur
Jenny Dunn, Australia

I have really enjoyed my 3 weeks with this program. It has been amazing to be part of the school community and meet such bright and loving children. The community and the children were wonderful. The volunteer house was very comfortable and safe. I love the roof to relax on. The food was delicious! Staff has been great. I have had a very memorable and enjoyable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend trips to Agra and Ranthombhore. I would recommend this program.

Work & Travel Program Jaipur
Lisa Woelger ,Austria

When I arrived I did not really know what to expect, but when I got to know what my tasks will be, I was really happy to have joined this programme. It is so much necessary for these kids to have the possibility of education! I very much appreciate it! That is why I chose this project. I am not a teacher or any professional, but I love to help the kids whenever I can, so I tried my best to teach them some vocabularies or maths. It is a great feeling when they respond to your question after being taught. The accommodation and the food were great. My experience was awesome. I would recommend Sankalp to others because accommodation is good, food is great, project is definitely worth the experience, and staff is nice.

Project for Street KidsJaipur
Amelia, USA

It was a life changing experience. I have gone through emotional highs and lows during this experience as I have dealt with my emotions working with children without parents. Accommodation was great- very safe and clean. The food was delicious. The team are warm hearted with the volunteers but also very professional. I will highly recommend this volunteer organization to friends and family and to those who are interested in volunteering.

Project for Orphanage Jaipur