Johann Lipman, Australia

The volunteer program offered a variety of experiences. The chances to interact with the children were the highlight of the program and I was very happy at how the volunteering was also flexible. I experienced a close relationship with the children which also allowed me to help improve their learning experience. It was very rewarding watch the childrens education grow. Living in Jaipur and got the opportunity to visit many of the different attractions while also having the luxury of being able to return to a beautiful meal and a warm bed. Both the accommodation and food were far better than what I expected. The meals cooked by cook were something to look forward to and she was always very kind about providing food. The accommodation was fine and the home provided everything from Internet to a phone. The staff of the program was very considerate and helped whenever possible. They gave advice, helped me become used to the volunteer home and Jaipur. Overall, they made the trip personal and welcoming. I would gladly recommend the Sankalp program to others. .

Project for Street KidsJaipur
Cees Van Ginneken, Netherlands

I would recommend this program to everyone who is interested in volunteering in India. I wish that I was able to stay longer and hope to contribute my time in future. The food was delicious and accommodation was in a safe and central location. The living space is comfortable and in a quite and peaceful area. This is important as the city of Jaipur is quite busy. Teaching English was generous experience at a local school. Thank you Pranay, Amita and Sankalp Volunteer organization for a wonderful experience. 

Project for Street KidsJaipur
LeachelleHawkswood, Australia

The volunteer program was amazing. I enjoyed all my experiences here. The time we spent at thee program was short but rewarding. The staff and kids were very friendly and made you feel welcome. The trip to Agra was amazing the accommodation was brilliant as well as the trip to the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. The volunteer program is something I would love to do again. I will definitely recommend this program.

Project for OrphanageJaipur
Lian Todd, USA

The orphanage was very rewarding and tough. I enjoyed the children and appreciated the support the volunteer and I gave to each other. The volunteer house was wonderful. The food was delicious. The staff was very accommodating. Loved all the people I met. Loved the free time we had to explore Jaipur and thought that we were well taken care of! The week end trips were great. The Hotels and transportation was quite good. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for everything! I will definitely recommend it.

Work & Travel Program Jaipur
Kari Bohler, Norway

Sankalp is doing a great job creating a better environment or the kids at the orphanage. The Work and Travel program was a great way to work and see different parts of India and learn about the history and culture. It was a little overwhelming at first because it was very different from home. What when I got used to it, and got used to it and got to know the kids it was easier. I felt that me being there meant a lot to the kids, and it meant a lot to me too. I really enjoyed working enjoyed working with the children. They have a lot of energy so it was tiring, but fun. The accommodation has been good. I have felt safe during my stay here. The food here is very good. I recommend Sankalp. I have had a very good experience.

Work & Travel Program Jaipur
DephneeGenesse, Canada

I love my experience with this organization. The home was in a safe part of Jaipur. I worked with streets kids and I loved it because the children are amazing and smart. I am gonna miss them so much. I really think that this program make a difference in their life. For the travel part, I enjoyed each moment of the trip. I mean we did pretty much everything that I wanted to see in the Rajasthan. We went to Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Agra and Ranthambore. Each destination has a charm and I liked pretty much all. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and maybe Iím gonna come back.

Work & Travel ProgramJaipur