Nadia van der Eijk, Netherlands

I had an absolutely amazing experience in India with the Sankalp Volunteer program. This experience truly made me a better person, taught me new things and has allowed me to see the world differently. I was able to discover a completely new culture and community, which was very nerve racking at first but they welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable with in seconds. I was able to meet new people which have now become friends I can not do without. I took part in the school program where it was amazing to see the things you were able to teach them and see how they progressed so much over such little time, due to their want to be there. They have received an opportunity they wouldn't have been able to have if it weren't for SanKalp and by taking part in this opportunity, it will be beneficial for you and the kids.

Summer Volunteer Program 2018Volunteer in India
Grace Taylor, UK

The 4 weeks I spent with Sankalp in India will never be forgotten! I’ve made life long friends and experienced so many amazing things which will stay with me for life. The company were incredibly helpful and professional but also incredibly kind, warm, caring and friendly. The organizers and leaders felt like friends. They always helped you out.... with every tiny thing!!! Like going to get a tattoo or buying a traditional Indian dress. They were AMAZING! The summer programme was amazing and I highly recommend it but I’d recommend just any programme with sankalp because the people are so so great. The children in the orphanage where I worked for two weeks as part of the summer programme were incredible and I will never forget them!!! They were so happy and so affectionate and loving... I think about them a lot still and want to go back and see them. They are just beautiful. Don’t worry or think too much just do it if you’re even thinking about it! Can not recommend it highly enough!

Summer Volunteering 2018Volunteer in India
Zoe Lee Drewery, USA

The 4 weeks I spent with Sankalp in India will never be forgotten! I’ve made life long friends and experienced so many amazing things which will stay with me for life. The company were incredibly helpful and professional but also incredibly kind, warm, caring and friendly. The organizers and leaders felt like friends. They always helped you out.... with every tiny thing!!! Like going to get a tattoo or buying a traditional Indian dress. They were AMAZING! The summer programme was amazing and I highly recommend it but I’d recommend just any programme with sankalp because the people are so so great. The children in the orphanage where I worked for two weeks as part of the summer programme were incredible and I will never forget them!!! They were so happy and so affectionate and loving... I think about them a lot still and want to go back and see them. They are just beautiful. Don’t worry or think too much just do it if you’re even thinking about it! Can not recommend it highly enough!

Summer Volunteer Program 2018Volunteer in India
Jasmine Cuthbertson, UK

I spent 4 weeks with Sankalp in the summer of 2018 and it was honestly one of THE BEST, THE MOST REWSRDING, THE MOST UNFORGETTABLY INCREDIBLE experience I have ever had!! I've done a lot of volunteering and travel in the past but would never have dreamed of how easy it could be to c ombined the 2! I did the travel and volunteer package with Sankalp in Jaipur (the Pink city) and got to hike parts of the gorgeous Himalayas (involving a quite a few unforgettably funny stories), visit the hometown of the Dalai Lama and his temple, visit Delhi and Pushkar (city of colour), see one of the 7 wonders of the world - the Taj Mahal, and the best part was THE PEOPLE! The people you end up volunteering with are so like minded, you come from all around the world for the same purpose, you get on so well and make friends for life! Oh my gosh and then there were the kids 😍 I dont even know where to begin, they were the most beautiful, kind hearted, innocent, loving, talented, smart children I've ever had the pleasure to work with! They've not had the easiest of upbringings in an orphanage but my God they are still so full of love and just like every normal child they LOVE TO PLAY! YOU get one of the most incredible chances to impact their lives by playing with them, showing them love and affection and attention where they otherwise wouldnt know what that felt like! It's unbelievably rewarding and I'm definitely planning on returning again in the future!! Any questions about this place feel free to message me! India is nowhere near as dangerous as the media make it out to seem, the people are so friendly, the food is AMAZING, I was fortunate enough to not experience any"delly belly" 😂 despite having dodgy streetfood! And everyday you finish at midday so you have all afternoon to explore the lovely city of Jaipur, all the scenery, forts, palaces and bazaars it has to offer! I COULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE HIGHLY ENOUGH, PLEASE GO AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THESE WONDERFUL CHILDREN'S LIVES AND YOUR OWN!!!

Summer Volunteer Program 2018 Volunteer in India
Ilse Riksen, Netherlands

I was at Sankalp Volunteer last summer, I was 16 so quiet young to go on my own, but Sankalp Volunteer gave me such a safe feeling. At the school I had an amazing 2 weeks with a lot of learning about the kids and the environment they live in. It gave me an other perspective and a more clear vision about their lives. Above all of that I had a lot of fun and I recommand this to everyone.

Summer Volunteer Program 2018Volunteer in India
Mila Alserda, Netherlands

I absolutely LOVED my experience with Sankalp Volunteer. I spent 4 weeks with them on the summer program where I spent 2 weeks working in the orphanage, 1 week teaching the street children and 1 week travelling and hiking in the Himalayas! This program was a perfect balance between helping the community and getting to explore Indian culture. Pranay and Amita, the hosts, are passionate about their work and truly make any effort to ensure that we have the best experience. From the moment I applied till the moment I left they made me feel comfortable, safe and valued!! I will also never forget my fellow volunteers who had become amazing friends and created a fun, loving and active atmosphere. This is a truly life changing experience that I would recommend to anyone!! Definitely planning on travelling with them again soon!

Summer Volunteer Program 2018Volunteer in India
Jill Smylie, Scotland

I recommend volunteering and travelling with Sankalp Volunteer. I was initially looking for the volunteering part as only had 3 weeks but Sankalp volunteer allowed me to fit in so much I wouldn’t of thought possible in the time. I spent 2 weeks volunteering in the orphanage and then the last week travelling to the Amritsar for the Golden Temple, Dharamshala and do a 3 day trek of the Himilayas. Even whilst i was in Jaipur I had time to see All the sites of Jaipur - the Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, City Palace and the bazaars to name a few. Sankalp also organised a trip to the Taj Mahal and to the holy city of Pushkar. Out of all my experience in India the volunteering part was my most rewarding and heart rendering experience of my life. One of my fellow volunteers said recently that she ‘left part of her heart in Jaipur’ and this Exactly how i feel. I couldn’t recommend Sankalp more and I one day hope I can go back there!

Summer Volunteer Program 2018Volunteer in India
Sasha Nancaski, USA

I have always wanted to travel to India and volunteer so when I finally decided to do it I spent a lot of time researching organization after organization to find the right fit. I was looking for a good variety of program / volunteer work choices, good and safe location and good value for money. Sankalp Volunteer ticked all these boxes and seemed too good to be true. I sent many emails to Sankalp prior to booking and arriving and they always replied back within hours and answered all my questions. I decided to participate in the Work and Travel program option. On weekdays I work on the Street Kids program, teaching English and maths to children who live on the street here in Jaipur. They are the most adorable kids you'll ever meet. Sankalp Team have good hearts and genuinely care about their volunteers, children and the success of the programs.

Volunteer Work & Travel Program Volunteer in India
Sanjay Sood Smith, UK

I have very much enjoyed the street children education programme and have found it extremely rewarding. Teaching the children and seem make progress was very rewarding. I enjoy the life style, food, culture, walking every day and living more simply then I assumed to I enjoyed getting to know the other volunteers and working with them and spending my free time with them. The children were fantastic, very well mannered, polite, enthusiastic, cut and friendly. The accommodation was very decent with everything that I required. The food was always delicious. The Sankalp team were fantastic. Very friendly, welcoming and helpful and always willing to do their best to help the volunteers in any way they could which I very much appreciated. I would recommend this programme to anyone.

Program for Street ChildrenVolunteer in India
Sasha Hester de Hair, Netherlands

I stayed in Jaipur for three weeks to teach English and had a great experience doing this. The kids are great; the volunteer house is in a safe and good place with very good food! There are also lots of things to see and do, next to the volunteer work. I had lot of fun with the people in the volunteer house. The weekend trips were very well organized. The hotels, transportation, drivers all were great. The staff was always friendly and willing to help if you have a question. Thanks for the opportunity, very memorable

Volunteer Work & Travel Program Volunteer in India
Megan kuleas, Australia

I really enjoyed my time on the volunteer program. It was challenging but I found it beneficial to work with the children and teach them. I enjoyed every aspect of my time on this program and my time in India. I would definitely like to come back and volunteer again. Accommodation was fantastic. The food was nutritious and enjoyable. I enjoyed both very much. Staff was very helpful and looked after me. I greatly appreciate all of the assistance they gave. I really enjoyed my weekend travel trips. All were fantastic. All Hotels were great and helpful staff. Transportation was great and very comfortable. I will definitely recommend it. Sankalp is fantastic organization.

Volunteer Work & Travel Program Volunteer in India
Annabel Fox, USA

I really enjoyed my five weeks here. It was even better than expected. The women empowerment program was great and the volunteer house in a really good location. Jaipur particularly was a great base to explore Rajasthan and its surrounding cities and attraction. Also I think Sankalp is good value compare to other volunteer programs and definitely has more of charity, rather than a business fed to it. The Sankalp team seems to genuinely care about the work programs and the people and children they are benefiting. I really loved the house and felt very cozy in my little bed! Food was delicious. All the staff was great. Amita and Pranay are great at holding everything together. I will definitely recommend Sankalp to my friend and family. And also I may come back next year.

Volunteer Work & Travel ProgramVolunteer in India
Sara Kangas, Australia

Overall I had a great experience with Sankalp I enjoyed every part of the women's empowerment program. I joined Sankalp because I wanted to be able to spend extended amount of time with a group and I was happy to be able to take part in the program. The women were welcoming and fantastic to work with. The girls were sweet and eager to learn. I felt like I was going to home when I went to volunteer. The volunteer house was comfortable and clean. The food was also great. The team of Sankalp was great. I would definitely recommend it.

Women Empowerment Volunteer Program Volunteer in India
Chloe Marshall Denton, Canada

I really enjoyed teaching English to the children of the street Kids program. They were smart, curious and wanted to learn. The children were great; it was a pleasure working with them. The time we spent with the street children was memorable and I will never forget the time I have spent with them I also had a great experience. The work and Travel was a great combination or both to get to know the country. It was a great experience. Pushkar, Jaisalmer, and the camel Safari were the highlights of the traveling. Accommodation and the food were good. I will definitely recommend Sankalp.

Work & Travel ProgramVolunteer in India
Catherine Carswell, USA

This was my first big travel experience on my own. My parents were a little worried at first but as soon as I arrived at the house and emailed them that the pickup at the airport, the hotel and the drive to jaipur all went very smoothly and there was upwards of twenty volunteers in the house they realized I was going to be very safe and have a great time! That is exactly what happened. The house is beautiful, in a gated community where you always feel safe. Lunch and Dinner are great and the cook is lovely. Amita and Pranay the couple who run this organization are kind and always would fix something if it was not right and offered us advice on travel and anything else. I worked at the GovernmentRunSchool, teaching English, which was a great experience. At times it was a little hard to handle, with so many kids but I am really glad I did this program. I think all the programs Sankalp seem wonderful to experience working at. I was on the work and travel trip and it was amazing! it is wonderfully put together and worth doing. The Taj Majal was great, as well as Pushkar and especially riding a camel and sleeping in the dessert. I researched a lot of programs before choosing Sankalp and I am very happy with my choice. I was skeptical at first cause it was a lot cheaper than some of the other programs i saw. This is because Amita and Pranay are not trying to rip you off, they just want to make a difference and help people. The trip is worth every penny because you do and see so much. I strongly advise you to choose this program because you will not forget it

Work & Travel ProgramVolunteer in India
Kelly Bates, Germany

I joined the street Kids program and it has been truly blessing for me coming here and experiencing the vibrant joy of the kids. My work with the kids has taught me quite a lot about myself and it has opened my mind to different cultures and worlds views. It is hard to describe this experience I think the best word that sums it up is overwhelming. I would recommend the program to many because it has been worth every penny spent. The work with the kids has brought me more joy then I could imagine and I would love to come back someday. Overall all I can say I am more than thankful to have been given this opportunity to experience a new culture, country, people and teach the kids everyday. I still have a long way ahead of me but my experience here are MERORABLE for life. Accommodation is good. Food is amazing too.

Project for Street ChildrenVolunteer in India
ElsbethWolrich, Netherlands

I had a great experience joining the program. The communication was really good and I liked that I received information at home before I come to India. The government school was very nice and I found it comforting that I was joined by other teachers when I first started. I feel like my help was appreciated especially by the kids. I feel like I did a lot for them. They were adorable and I hope they will remember us. I felt at home at the school. Even though we had a language barrier between us and the Indian teachers. They really made us (me) feel really good at school. Accommodation and food was amazing! The team was great. I felt really at home and I felt comfortable asking questions and everyone was really nice. I think the weekend trips are great selection of things to do in Rajasthan. I enjoyed all of them. Favorite was definitely the camel Safari. I love all the hotels. Really good value for money. The transportation was very good. I will definitely recommend Sankalp to others. I do not think that there are better organizations in India then this one. 

Volunteer Work and Travel ProgramVolunteer in India
Delia Sundar, USA

I did the Program for Street Kids in Jaipur for three weeks and I have to say that it has been a truly amazing experience! I found out about Sankalp on Abroad Reviews and it fit my volunteering interests, budget, and location better than other programs I was considering at the time. Pranay and Amita took great care of us, and we felt safe at all times. The program itself is wonderful, as you get to interact and really make a difference in these children's lives. Coming from a western country, all the little things are so enjoyable, such as cows and goats roaming around in the streets, the colorful trucks, and the bumpy rides back home in an auto rickshaw.Thank you Sankalp for providing me with such a rewarding and fun experience! I really hope to do this again

Project for Street Kids Volunteer in India
Manel Nieuwland, Netherlands

I volunteered with Sankalp twice now, and I'm very positive about this organization. They are happy to answer all the questions you have about your stay and the programs. There's a special house for the volunteers, wich is very nice and comfortable. The organizers of Sankalp have an office in the house, so you see them every day. The staff members are very nice and helpful. There's a cook, and lunch and dinner is provided, the food is Indian, but it's not spicy. There's also a driver who drives everyone to the project locations. In the weekends you can travel around, and there's a lot to see around Jaipur, so you won't get bored. I had a great time staying here for 10 weeks. I met a lot of great people, had an amazing time with the children. I would recommend this program to everyone! I had a great experience, which I will never forget!

Project for Orphanage Volunteer in India
Pia Marino, UK

I have been wanting to go to India for a long time. So I decided to choose a volunteering program. It was one of the best decisions I've made! I chose the summer program so that I could also travel while I was there. In total, I volunteered in the orphanage for three weeks and travelled for one. I had an AMAZING experience! Life at the orphanage is hard... but I really enjoyed working with the kids. They always greet you with the biggest smile and it is very fun to play with them. It was really hard having to leave the orphanage. It taught me a lot about life, about how lucky I am, and about how everyone can make even a small difference in the world. I would definitely do it again. For a longer period of time. I miss India so much!!

Summer Volunteer ProgramVolunteer in India
Wei Gin Lim, Mayalsia

At first, I was a bit skeptical to travel to India after hearing a lot of news about India. But after my trip to India under the summer volunteer program 2013 organized by sankalp volunteer society, I would say I had one of the best moments of life in India. I really learnt a lot through this program and I would like to sincerely thank sankalp for providing this opportunity. I would highly recommend this society to those who would like to do volunteer work and travel at the same time. Sankalp also provides volunteer work only under different programs. I chose the street kids program which was a whole new experience. I also travelled to Agra, Amritsar and Dharamsala on the third week after 2 weeks of volunteer work. Everything was well-planned during the travel. The volunteer house, the food, the transport, the people, everything is so good. I will definitely return to India one day! Thank you sankalp:)

Summer Volunteer ProgramVolunteer in India
Milly Andrewes, UK

This was my second time volunteering in Jaipur, India. Yet again it was an amazing experience! I was volunteering in the orphanage, everyday was fantastic, the children are utterly amazing in their own right and the relationship that you can build with both the children and the staff who work there is something really special. I was only in Jaipur for 3 weeks and saying goodbye to the children was one of the hardest things! I didn't think it was even possible to become so emotionally attached to children after spending only 15 days with them until I was in tears when I had to leave!! As a whole I solely recommend the orphanage project to anyone of any age and believe that Shake Hands is a fantastic organization and that they have their hearts in the right place. I will definitely be going back again and can�t wait until I do!

Work & Travel ProgramVolunteer in India
Melanie Niquette, USA

I did the Street Kids Education volunteer program through the 2014 Summer Program. My experience with Sankalp was extraordinary! I wish we had more time with the kids, but I will never forget the time that I did get to spend with them. Pranay and Amita, the program directors, took extremely good care of all of us during our stay in India. I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable during the entire program! Transportation was always reliable and everything addressed on their website page and itinerary was followed and legitimate. The volunteer house we stayed at was lovely and well set up. We always had fresh food cooked for us for lunch and dinner by their amazing cook, Puni The program was well organized and the last week of travel went smooth. The various hotels we stayed at throughout our travels were high class and of very nice condition. Most of the money spent on your volunteer program of choice through Sankalp goes directly to the cause you are volunteering for which in my opinion, is pretty cool

Summer Volunteer Program Volunteer in India
Carly Moskowitz, USA

I found Sankalp right here on and I am so glad that I did. I recently spent 5 weeks in Jaipur volunteering with the Sankalp street children program, and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. The street children program is fairly well organized and the bonds you form with the kids is incredible. I miss them and think about them every day. The language barrier is tough, especially with the younger kids, but it is definitely workable. You need to like kids though, and you need to be someone who does not get frustrated easily. The week of travel at the end of the summer program is absolutely incredible. One of my favorite parts of this program is that it allows for so much exploration. It really is the trip of a lifetime.

Summer Volunteer Program Volunteer in India
Tessa Fredericks, USA

I was in Jaipur, India with Sankalp Volunteer Society for 3 weeks working in a local orphanage doing the summer program. The summer program consists of 2 weeks of volunteering and 1 week of travel. Most of the volunteer programs are in the morning, so you are able to explore the city in the afternoon with others. The volunteer house itself is in a very convenient place..just down the street from a grocery store and within a residential area in Jaipur and is very nice! Volunteers had a lot of liberty and freedom to go where we want and explore the city, but with a curfew and being safe, which was awesome because we got to explore India and do things we wanted. Overall, the experience was spectacular, and I was able to see so much of India in a very short time, so this program is very worth it. Pranay and Amita will take care of whatever you need and you will have the most fabulous time! Other than being careful what you eat and drink, I have nothing bad to say because my experience in India was so fabulous because of Sankalp! I strongly recommend this program, youll have so much fun

Summer Volunteer Program Volunteer in India
Rebeeca David, USA

While my time on the program was very short (just 2 weeks). I really enjoyed this opportunity to work with women and girls on women empowerment initiatives. I enjoyed the experience to learn more about the lives, challenges and realities of women in this region, and to help them develop skills and confidence to set goals and achieve them. It was a wonderful experience to live like locals do, and learn about Indian culture. I found Jaipur an interesting location. Rich history and beautiful sites, Speople friendly. Accommodation and food was very good. Comfortable rooms, beds and house. The food was very good authentic style delicious food. I worked with one other volunteer for 2 days and it was great to partner with her. It was helpful for each of us to be able to each focus with a group and work on different skills (language and Computer). I would recommend Sankalp to others.
Thank you for making this a wonderful experience

Project for Women Empowerment Volunteer in India
Claire Cameron, UK

The Streetkids project under Summer Program was worthwhile. Amita and Pranay really look after their volunteers. The kids are adorable and the accommodation and food provided is great. The travel week after is a great way to end the summer if you only have a short time to explore all the major attractions of India.

Summer Volunteer Program Volunteer in India
James Caren Griding, UK

Overall all I have found my experience here at Sankalp extremely positive and have enjoyed my time here. I found the program excellent for both the volunteer and students. I would look forward to rejoining the program in the future. My experiences have been very rewarding and have really enjoyed my time here. The community was very welcoming and friendly has had no problems with staff/ community or children. Excellent food and good quality accommodation. The staff was excellent. I will certainly recommend the program to others. I had a very rewarding and worthwhile experience, something I will cherish.

Project for Street Kids Volunteer in India
Lauren Rothwell, UK

It was a great experience and I wish I could stay longer. I would love to visit again next year at some stage. I have never taught children before this is definitely something I enjoyed and will do it again in the future. The accommodation is good. It is comfortable, secure and very clean. The food is amazing! The other volunteers have been great. I have made some really good friends and have learnt a lot from others. It is nice to work as a team to achieve something great. Pranay and Amita have been approachable & friendly throughout the program & are always there if there is a problem. I would definitely recommend Sankalp to others.

Project for Street KidsVolunteer in India
Joe Smerdon, UK

The street children program appears well organized and smoothly run. It was completely adverse to what I expected but I have a wild and eccentric imagination. I had thought it would literally be unorganized with kids of and of the street, the school, uniform and equipment, books etc was refreshing and I do get an impression that this will make an large difference to these kids lives. I feel in my month alone kids seemed to make much progress. I feel I have gained much experience and would not be adverse to work with children in the futures. My personal experience of the program has been more then positive, I always been smiling and everyday I have relished teaching. I build up very strong bonds with the children and feels heart wrenching to came away from them. The bonds made with the colleagues are also strong and I can keep in touch with them. The food and accommodation were great. I will definitely recommend Sankalp to others, especially for those who want a gentle dip into Indian Culture. 

Project for Street KidsVolunteer in India
Yvonne Doeven, Australia

I loved my time at Sankalp! I chose the work & travel option, so week days were spent teaching English to street kids, and weekends were spent touring around Rajasthan. The weekend trips were very well organised and it was so nice to have the opportunity to see other parts of Rajasthan with the new friends gained through volunteering. The kids were gorgeous! Meals provided at the house were always delicious and filling. I'll always remember my time spent with Sankalp and I highly recommend this program. Thanks for the opportunity

Work & Travel Program Volunteer in India
Jenny Dunn, Australia

I have really enjoyed my 3 weeks with this program. It has been amazing to be part of the school community and meet such bright and loving children. The community and the children were wonderful. The volunteer house was very comfortable and safe. I love the roof to relax on. The food was delicious! Staff has been great. I have had a very memorable and enjoyable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend trips to Agra and Ranthombhore. I would recommend this program.

Work & Travel Program Volunteer in India
Lisa Woelger ,Austria

When I arrived I did not really know what to expect, but when I got to know what my tasks will be, I was really happy to have joined this programme. It is so much necessary for these kids to have the possibility of education! I very much appreciate it! That is why I chose this project. I am not a teacher or any professional, but I love to help the kids whenever I can, so I tried my best to teach them some vocabularies or maths. It is a great feeling when they respond to your question after being taught. The accommodation and the food were great. My experience was awesome. I would recommend Sankalp to others because accommodation is good, food is great, project is definitely worth the experience, and staff is nice.

Project for Street KidsVolunteer in India
Amelia, USA

It was a life changing experience. I have gone through emotional highs and lows during this experience as I have dealt with my emotions working with children without parents. Accommodation was great- very safe and clean. The food was delicious. The team are warm hearted with the volunteers but also very professional. I will highly recommend this volunteer organization to friends and family and to those who are interested in volunteering.

Project for Orphanage Volunteer in India
Johann Lipman, Australia

The volunteer program offered a variety of experiences. The chances to interact with the children were the highlight of the program and I was very happy at how the volunteering was also flexible. I experienced a close relationship with the children which also allowed me to help improve their learning experience. It was very rewarding watch the childrens education grow. Living in Jaipur and got the opportunity to visit many of the different attractions while also having the luxury of being able to return to a beautiful meal and a warm bed. Both the accommodation and food were far better than what I expected. The meals cooked by cook were something to look forward to and she was always very kind about providing food. The accommodation was fine and the home provided everything from Internet to a phone. The staff of the program was very considerate and helped whenever possible. They gave advice, helped me become used to the volunteer home and Jaipur. Overall, they made the trip personal and welcoming. I would gladly recommend the Sankalp program to others. .

Project for Street KidsVolunteer in India
Cees Van Ginneken, Netherlands

I would recommend this program to everyone who is interested in volunteering in India. I wish that I was able to stay longer and hope to contribute my time in future. The food was delicious and accommodation was in a safe and central location. The living space is comfortable and in a quite and peaceful area. This is important as the city of Jaipur is quite busy. Teaching English was generous experience at a local school. Thank you Pranay, Amita and Sankalp Volunteer organization for a wonderful experience. 

Project for Street KidsVolunteer in India
Leachelle Hawkswood, Australia

The volunteer program was amazing. I enjoyed all my experiences here. The time we spent at thee program was short but rewarding. The staff and kids were very friendly and made you feel welcome. The trip to Agra was amazing the accommodation was brilliant as well as the trip to the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. The volunteer program is something I would love to do again. I will definitely recommend this program.

Project for OrphanageVolunteer in India
Lian Todd, USA

The orphanage was very rewarding and tough. I enjoyed the children and appreciated the support the volunteer and I gave to each other. The volunteer house was wonderful. The food was delicious. The staff was very accommodating. Loved all the people I met. Loved the free time we had to explore Jaipur and thought that we were well taken care of! The week end trips were great. The Hotels and transportation was quite good. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for everything! I will definitely recommend it.

Volunteer Work & Travel Program Volunteer in India
Kari Bohler, Norway

Sankalp is doing a great job creating a better environment or the kids at the orphanage. The Work and Travel program was a great way to work and see different parts of India and learn about the history and culture. It was a little overwhelming at first because it was very different from home. What when I got used to it, and got used to it and got to know the kids it was easier. I felt that me being there meant a lot to the kids, and it meant a lot to me too. I really enjoyed working enjoyed working with the children. They have a lot of energy so it was tiring, but fun. The accommodation has been good. I have felt safe during my stay here. The food here is very good. I recommend Sankalp. I have had a very good experience.

Work & Travel Program Volunteer in India
Dephnee Genesse, Canada

I love my experience with this organization. The home was in a safe part of Jaipur. I worked with streets kids and I loved it because the children are amazing and smart. I am gonna miss them so much. I really think that this program make a difference in their life. For the travel part, I enjoyed each moment of the trip. I mean we did pretty much everything that I wanted to see in the Rajasthan. We went to Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Agra and Ranthambore. Each destination has a charm and I liked pretty much all. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and maybe I gonna come back.

Work & Travel ProgramVolunteer in India