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Volunteer vacations in India

If you're interested in volunteer vacation abroad, you're in the right place! Our volunteer vacations programs make your travel responsible and enabling you to be of service to a community in India while gaining an immersive cultural and volunteering experience. The volunteer vacation programs are in India with Sankalp for one week or more from $150/week. Our most affordable volunteer vacations are available for individuals, couples, families and students, and you can choose from a wide range of volunteer activities in the areas of education, women's right, childcare, and conservation programs.

Here are featured volunteer vacations available

• Summer Volunteer Program 2019 - 3 weeks

• Holiday Volunteering - 2 weeks

• Volunteer Work & Travel Program - 4 weeks

• Volunteering & India Expedition - 6 weeks

Summer Program 2019

The program will bring you an unforgettable cultural and volunteer vacation abroad experience. The participants of the summer program will do volunteer work in Jaipur for two weeks and after that explore the sights of India for a full week in group including Pushkar, Amritsar, Agra, Dharamshala and Himalayan Trekking.

Program Dates: 29 June, 13 July & 27 July
Program Fee: $1190 USD
Offer of the month: Apply now & Get $175 Off !

Holiday Volunteering

We invite you to volunteer vacation abroad programs, celebrate the holidays, and experience India in its best season. This extra special time of year provides the children we serve with the best holiday gift of all- your time, love, and attention! We guarantee that it will be your best holiday gift too. Make this Christmas / New Year one to remember for both yourself and the communities we work with.

Program Dates: 22 December (every year)
Program Fee: $999 USD
Offer of the month: Apply now & Get $125 Off !

Work & Travel

This 4 weeks work & travel program offers a combined experience of exploring India while also volunteering in a program of your choice. You will spend a week traveling to organized excursions such as visiting the Taj Mahal, several famous forts, Camel safari in desert, Tiger safaris and much more. During your remaining three weeks, you will volunteer abroad in Jaipur, India.

Program Dates: Every Saturday, Oct to March
Program Fee: $1290 USD
Offer of the month: Apply now & Get $225 Off !

India Expedition

This 6 week expedition combines travel, adventure and four week volunteer vacation abroad in Jaipur. A full week of your program will take to visit several cities of Rajasthan including desert and camel safari and last week of program will take you on another weeklong travel to north India including Himalayan trekking, visit to Taj Mahal and Golden Temple.

Program Dates: 07, 14, 21 March 2019
Program Fee: $1990 USD
Offer of the month: Apply now & Get $275 Off !


We provide best volunteer vacation abroad programs with Orphanage, with Street Children, with Animals and for women's right in India.

Volunteer vacations aboard programs are available for Individuals, Students, Families and groups India.



To find out what we can set up for you, contact us to discuss your personal circumstances