Volunteer Animals Program: Volunteering for Elephants in India

Elephant volunteering in India

This conservation volunteer animals program for elephants was made to give you an once-in-a-lifetime experience! Sankalp now offers volunteer work with elephants in India. This is an opportunity to get involved, travel to India and volunteer for an elephant conservation project with Sankalp Volunteer. Working alongside the mahouts and the local community you will learn more about this unique culture and their relationship with elephants.


Unfortunately, our Elephant Volunteering Program is no longer available. After a few sessions of the this program, we have made the decision to cease volunteering with the Elephant Village in Jaipur as we found it to be a COMMERCIAL VILLAGE where agents, touts and mahouts are selling volunteering activities such as feeding the elephant, painting the elephant, cleaning the elephant, that are not humane practices we support or endorse.

The Elephant Volunteer Program page is still on our website to encourage people to beware of these commercial volunteer activities with elephants locally that are commercialized and the elephants are not treated properly. We kindly ask volunteers and tourists to heed caution when looking into such offers. Sankalp will not be supporting such offers.

Instead of our previous Elephant Volunteer Program, we would like to refer all interested volunteers in our most meaningful, popular volunteer programs in Jaipur, India:

Orphanage Work
Program for Street Children
Teaching English
Women Empowerment

These volunteer programs truly make a difference in the lives of children and women in our community.

You can also do any of the above volunteer programs offered and combine with one of our travel programs:

Summer Program 2020
Volunteer Work & Travel
Volunteering and Expedition
Holiday Volunteering

Thank you for being understanding of our change in programs. Sankalp strives to support and make a difference in the lives of our community and volunteers; we stand up for only positive care, healthy treatment, and meaningful impact of society through our work.

The conservation volunteering program for elephants we offer is designed to not only assesses human-elephant conflicts, but you will also get the chance to engage in hands on work with elephants and assist in their care. The program is located in village near Jaipur which is known as "Elephant Village". This is a small village that was set up by the government in 2010 to give proper shelter and water facilities to all the families and their elephants that served tourists in and around "Amer Fort" during the day. Along with all the homes and shelters for the elephants there are big man-made ponds in the village designed specifically for elephants to relax and bathe in it after a long hard day's work. You can volunteer with elephants on this fantastic conservation projects in Jaipur with budding conservationists taking action by volunteering to care and help with the elephants. This "volunteer with elephants" program is a unique and innovative concept aimed at improving the living conditions of elephants by providing economic sustainability for their owners through responsible volunteer tourism.

Age Limit: 16 Years +
Length of stay: 02 - 12 weeks
Qualification: Volunteers must participate in this program with an open mind, giving heart, and flexibility to work with elephants and the program staff.

The work will be feeding the elephants, bathing them, cleaning the area, bringing water, oil massaging the elephants head, trimming their nails, taking elephants for walk, make bundles of hay and chapatti (Indian bread) for elephants.

The elephant village is government-owned, so our Sankalp Organization is unable to build new structures. For protection, the elephants are chained inside shelters.

Our Sankalp Organization does not own or buy any elephants, the elephants are owned by their mahouts, so how they are treated is ultimately not our decision. The mahouts who join the project agree to leave their bull hooks at home and to take part in project activities. However they are free to leave at any time with their elephant. It's up to us to provide them with enough incentive to stay on the project and support our concept (we can only do this with volunteer support).

Many of the elephants in the area can be used for other forms of elephant tourism in the area such as elephant riding, cultural events & religious ceremonies which we do not support.

Volunteers may be exposed to a certain amount of suffering during their stay because of these surroundings and can witness the use of the bull hook which many mahouts in the area use to control their elephants.

Day 1, Friday - Arrival in India: Arrive into Jaipur/Delhi airport, pickup and transfer to volunteer house, Jaipur

Day 2, Saturday - Group introduction and program Orientation: Next day of your arrival, you will begin program orientation with the program manager and then taken to see nearby things like ATM, Supermarket, etc.

Day 3, Sunday - Free day.

Day 4, Monday - Volunteer Work: Get ready to meet your elephants! It's time to get a wonderful ride by auto-rickshaw to the Elephant Village. This village is located near "Royal Amber Fort" and project site is covered by beautiful mountain valley. One of our staff will be along with you to explain how to care the elephants & help the mahouts.

Lunch will be at home between 13:00 to 14:00 hours. Your evenings can be spent indulging in cultural activities and local sightseeing. Our local teams will give you plenty of ideas of what to do!

Dinner will be available at home between 19:00 to 20:00 hours.

Weekends: The weekends are free for you to relax and visit the beautiful Pinkcity - Jaipur. You can also plan to visit to Agra, Pushkar, Ranthambhore, Jaisalmer and Udaipur on weekends..

Location - This program is available in Jaipur location.

Accommodation - You are provided accommodation in our volunteers' house, Jaipur which is a building owned by the organization. The volunteer house is an independent multi-storey building which is in northern part of Jaipur. You can reach the centre of Jaipur in 30 minutes by Auto Rickshaw. The volunteer house is safe and secure. The house is 3 stories and contains 8 shared bedrooms with suite washrooms. All washrooms have a shower and a western toilet. There is a basic kitchen and living room on each floor. During summer season the rooms have Air Conditioner at night.

Food - The cook serves quality and delicious Indian vegetarian food to the volunteers and UV treated & Ozonated water is provided in the home, which is clean and safe to drink.

Safety - At Sankalp we make safety a high priority for each and every volunteer and staff member that join our program. Our program has been running for several years and we have had the great joy in welcoming hundreds of volunteers into our program, please trust that we have extensive experience in caring and protecting all of our volunteers. This includes safety within the house, transportation provided by us, safety at the program locations, and any emergencies that may arise. We do not conduct any program that could in any possible way jeopardize the safety of any volunteer or staff member. We are very proud of our ongoing commitment and provision of safety for all that join our team. We have had hundreds of volunteers within the age group of 16-65 years since 2006, with a maximum of 30 volunteers at the house (Jaipur), with no miss-happening to anyone in our program. In order to continue our priority and contract with safety, our organization maintains very set rules and regulations. We ask that you join our program with adherence to the set rules and respect them appropriately for your own and others personal safety.

First Friday of Every Month
Volunteer with Elephant program opens on first Friday of every month.
You can arrange flight into Jaipur airport at any time, we provide airport transfer to pick you up.
Delhi airport transfer service also available on extra applicable fees.

Our personal driver will be awaiting your arrival at the airport. You will find him in the arrival hall, past immigration/customs/baggage claim, with a placard displaying your name.

Next day of your arrival at the destination we organized an orientation for each program where you will gain an understanding on the entire volunteer program for Elephants, introduction to rules and regulation of the organization, Indian history, its culture and traditions.

Duration Application Fee Program Fee Total
1 week $ 250 $ 250 $ 500
2 weeks $ 250 $ 500 $ 750
3 weeks $ 250 $ 750 $ 1000

An application fee deposit USD $250 is required to pay after application aproval to confirm your spot on the program. This fee is part of total program cost as mentioned above.

To see prices in your local currency, use this currency converter.

Fee includes

  • Pickup from Jaipur Airport
  • Program orientation
  • Accommodation & Meals
  • Assistance in work area
  • Daily Transport to project
  • All program relevant materials
  • 24x7 In-house Wi-Fi
  • 24x7 Team Support
  • All taxes and bank charges

Pickup can also be arranged from Delhi International airport at nominal cost.

Who volunteer with Sankalp?
Volunteers are welcome on most of our programs from the age of 16 upwards and there is no maximum age limit. Many of our volunteers are between 18 and 25 years old.

Many younger people take part in our Volunteering & Travel combined programs before starting university or even after graduation. You can choose whether to go with Volunteer Only programs or travel combined volunteer programs.

Group Volunteer Trips are available for teens and college students year-round on specific and customized dates. For more information on teen and high school trips, please see our Group Trips section.

How do I become a Sankalp Volunteer?
You can apply on the application link at the top of the website page. The application will ask for personal information, program you are applying for or interested in, and how long you'd like to be volunteering with us.

When should I apply?
There is no firm deadline for applications. Some travel combined volunteer trips require at least four weeks to process an application, arrange for travel, and advise you properly on how to prepare. Whenever you are thinking of travelling combined volunteer programs, we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Having more time to prepare makes it easier for you to fundraise, and for us to advise you on preparations.

What if I want to go very last-minute?
If you decide to go with us at the last minute, just contact to us to check program availability and go-head.

Why do I need to pay an application fee?
The application fee is not an additional fee; this is part of total program cost. The application fee needs to be deposited after application approval. We ask that this be done right away so your spot can be secured on the program.

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