Our Social Impacts

Sankalp Organization makes several social impacts both to the local community and volunteers that join our organization. The social impacts for the local community can be found through our work programs on this website, such as: Women’s Empowerment, Street Kids School, and Orphanage Work. Through these programs, we are able to serve some of the great needs in our community.

Women and young girls need to be empowered to know their great worth in a society that often sees this as untrue. They can highly benefit from confidence building, learning skills, education, and any other lessons/stories our volunteers can share with them. It takes a village!

Street children often do not get to experience or partake in the education system of government schools, due to circumstances out of their control. When our school is brought to them locally with a free education, uniforms, and basic supplies we are able to reach and teach a population that would not have this opportunity. Volunteers from across the globe are welcomed to teach and educate young children with bright minds that are eager to learn and socialize just like any other child. We all have something incredible to offer!

Orphanage children still take up a major underserved, and overlooked population in our country. The need for care, stimulation, and basic services is greatly lacking. Volunteers can benefit local orphanage children by providing them with daily care, socialization, the art of play/communicating, and lots of love that they would not receive otherwise. Your impact on their young, developing lives is something that is impossible to measure. Love and attention can make all the difference!

The social impact we make in our volunteers lives is equally as great. Sankalp Organization offers the opportunity for people all across the world to come together with one main goal: make a difference in this world. What a beautiful mindset! You will get to experience a variety of cultures, coming together with one another from different countries, which can offer new perspectives on life. We find that incredible friendships and bonds can come out of these unique times spent volunteering in India together. You will take these learned experiences, new cultural understandings, and deep friendships home with you.