Why do Volunteers Pay while Volunteering in India?

Sankalp Volunteer is an independent organization and therefore does not receive government subsidization to fund our volunteer efforts. We fund our projects and achieve our social goals solely from the fees paid by our volunteers. These fees are used to directly fund the cost of your time living in India, and are also invested in long-term support of our various social projects you work on.

The fees you pay are not only used to cover costs of services provided directly to you, but are also used for behind the scenes management of our quality volunteer programs.

The fees you pay have a carryover effect on the local community long after you go home. This money directly funds the project you are working on, and in turn, many others. Without you and the thousands of volunteers before you, the progress and changes we have made in the lives of so many would not be possible.

Where does the money go?

Although we want to be as transparent and as open as possible with you about where your money is going, it is difficult to determine the exact allocation of each individual's contribution. However, it is possible to calculate the average distributions which are shown below, along with explanations as to why the funds are used in this way.

Direct Expenses: 40% average

Although you are a volunteer, your travel to a foreign country involves expenses that need to be covered. These include airport transfers, meals, accommodation and daily transport to projects, travel arrangements which your fees help fund.

Indirect expenses: 20% average

Your volunteer experience would not be possible without the full time/part time staff we employ to help keep you safe and comfortable while you are staying with us. A part of your fee covers the salaries and benefits of our staff, as well as basic housekeeping expenses and utilities, equipment, and communication infrastructure. Your fees also help pay for the necessary government registration costs, bookkeeping and tax reporting.

Advertisement and web promotions: 15% average

In order to allow our program to be accessible worldwide, we must maintain our website and advertisements. We believe that promotion on the Internet is an important long term investment for our company, because effective advertisements allow us to attract more wonderful participants and better achieve our goals for the community. Additionally, the more volunteers we have, the more we are able to lower our program fees!

Project Development: 20% average

Your fees help directly fund the needs of our projects, including school supplies and uniforms for our school for street children, diapers and other necessities for the orphanage, and computers and other supplies for the women empowerment programs. Your fees also directly fund the rent of the project buildings, as well as utilities, equipment, and administrative expenses.

Taxes: 5% average

Because we are a private company (Sankalp Volunteer Tours) we do not receive any government subsidies and therefore pay all government taxes.

For further question or doubts, feel free to get in touch with us.

Why Do Pay for Volunteering India