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We believe that everyone possesses such different and unique qualities that each of us can make an impact while volunteering. In our standing belief of this notion, we don't have set traits for our volunteers. We welcome all who are dedicated to helping others, working hard, and learning more about our beautiful country, people, and culture.
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Most Affordable

We provide the worlds most affordable and transparent volunteer programs. We are a great choice if you will be traveling alone and want to engage in meaningful volunteer work with like-minded people. The volunteer programs have been chosen not only for affordability, but also for the organization's reputations and established histories as well. For instance, Sankalp Volunteer has hosted over 2500 participants and offers affordable volunteer programs.

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We understand that everyone is busy and that for most, India is a huge trip! Therefore, we have allowed volunteers the flexibility of choosing their own arrival/start date.

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All of Sankalp's work has enriched the people of our society with opportunities that many of them would not be able to experience without your help. You will find that the meaningful effort you put into your volunteer work will benefit the children of course, but benefit you even more.

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Benefits of Volunteering

There are various benefits to gain through your volunteer experience:
Increase self-esteem and confidence
Contribute to protecting the world's natural resource
Expand life experience
Gaining a greater understanding of other
Make a difference in the world and in the life of other
Develop a sense of responsibility
Experience first-hand community involvement
Develop teamwork and interpersonal skills
Add work experience to your resume
Develop greater cultural, community and environmental awareness

benifits of volunteering in India