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Childcare volunteer project

Child care volunteer work abroad

The children will be the main focus of volunteer activity, day care centers will regularly be visited by the volunteers to work with the children. Awareness is generated on health and hygiene issues of the children. Children will be provided with healthy learning environment through interactive games and pictograph stories. Emphasis will be on the nutritional care of the children as given in the centres. The volunteers will also get involved with the children in various games and learning exercises to create interest in developing their physical health and potential.

Volunteer work activities

Ensuring attendance of the children placed in the centre. 
Teach alphabets number counting, colour & shapes, animal and sound etc. 
Tips of getting dressed, manners, art and other activities children may like. 
Create a fun, colourful, "Play Way" environment for the children through games, stories and other  creative activities.
Develop the physical health of the children through activities that utilize their bodies in games,   etc.

Project requirements

Duration - The minimum required time for Child Care program is four week. 
Age limit - Minimum required age is 16 and maximum age depends on participant's health. 
Qualification - The only qualification that we require of our volunteers is that you come motivated to help needy people.
Visa type - Your trips fall under the category of volunteer tourism and you will need to obtain tourist visa to India.

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