Volunteer In India

Be a part of safe, meaningful and the most affordable volunteer programs in India to work with a non-government organization.

Together with us, you’ll have a lifetime experience of volunteering in India. Let’s change someone’s life today!

Volunteer Programs in India

Volunteer Programs

Our volunteer programs support childcare and education in India. You can volunteer with our registered charitable trust / NGO to assist orphanages, schools, and small communities for better childcare and to improve education as a responsible tourist in India. Our voluntary organization tries to make the most impact by directly supporting people through our volunteering programs to provide them a new life and a new future for our community. We invite you to contribute your time, skills and financial resources to support our social development programs.

Volunteer Opportunities In India

Through our projects, you'll find the best volunteer work opportunities in India to work with an NGO. We invite individuals, couples, students, groups and families to come and experience their travel while making a contribution to the Indian society.
Women Empowerment Volunteer Program
Women Empowerment Program

Volunteers are given the opportunity to motivate, encourage, and teach basic skills to young women in society to improve their quality of life and future.

Teaching English Volunteer India
Teaching English Volunteer

The abroad volunteers have the opportunity to assist the school staff by teaching English in government primary school in rural areas around Jaipur.

Volunteer with Elephants India
Volunteer with Elephants

This program offers volunteer work with elephants in India. You will get a chance to engage in hands-on work with elephants and to learn ethics to assist in their care.

Himalayan Volunteering Opportunities
Volunteer Work in Himalayan

Experience wonderful volunteering and travel opportunity through our “Himalayan Cleaning Project” to learn, share and live the different facets of life.


  • Volunteering in India with Sankalp NGO brings you an unforgettable cultural and volunteer experience.
  • The volunteering opportunities are best suited to volunteer solo, join a group of abroad volunteers, support children, and women in need.
  • Volunteer opportunities in Jaipur, India are available all year-round.
  • Volunteering in India includes Orphanage Work, Teaching in School for Street Children, Teaching English in Primary School and Women Empowerment.
  • All abroad volunteers stay together in a volunteer house, Jaipur.
  • Most affordable program fees starting from $375 for 1 week including application fee.
  • No additional fees for bank charges, taxes, daily transport, etc.
  • Fee Includes: airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals, wi-fi, daily transport to project, yoga sessions and 24/7 team support.
  • Travel combine programs are available.
  • Applications are open for Summer Volunteer Program 2020.

Volunteer and Travel Programs

Joining this program can turn your trip into a life-altering event. This option combines meaningful volunteer programs in India with an action-packed adventure tour. With Sankalp Volunteer, you become a part of the community thus get to know the local people and become much more than a tourist.

Travel with a purpose and change your life and the lives of those you help through your efforts.

Our Volunteers Us

Group Volunteering India

Isn’t it fun to earn some good karmas with your family or friends together!

To find out what we offer to students or families who’ve planned to do group volunteering in India, give us a call or drop an email to discuss your customized requirements.

High School Student Volunteering
High School Student Volunteering

If you're in the age group of 16-19 and have time to volunteer, this program is for you to experience volunteer work in India.

University Group Volunteering
University Group Volunteering

A genuine group volunteering activity project for university and college students with diverse work opportunities in India.

Volunteer Vacations Abroad
Volunteer Vacation Abroad programs

Our volunteer vacation aboard program is available for individuals, students, families and groups in India on most affordable program fees.