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Sports Volunteering

Our sports development program in rural parts of India is giving you an opportunity to coach a specific range of sports at some of our schools. Your help will provide a platform to lots of school children not only just to improve their fitness and health, but also to enjoy more play time with their friends. You will become a member of the local community and experience the interesting and amazing culture of one of the unique corners of India through our sports volunteering program. In the sports volunteering your time on the program will be divided amongst sports coaching and other valuable community work. 

Volunteer work activities

Training drills and games for each sport to help transmit the skill of being tough.
Organize Inter-school competitions & tournaments.
The most popular sports in India are volleyball, football and cricket.

Project requirements

Duration - The minimum required time for Sports Volunteering program is 8 weeks. 
Age limit - Minimum required age is 20 and maximum age depends on participant's health. 
Qualification - The only qualification that we require of our volunteers is that you come motivated to help needy people.
Visa type
- Your trips fall under the category of volunteer tourism and you will need to obtain tourist visa to India.

This program allows only male volunteers.

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