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Women empowerment program

Volunteers are given the opportunity to teach, encourage, and motivate young women in the society basic skills to improve their quality of life and future. Through lessons, communication, and encouragement young women are able to build their confidence by seeing their value in life.


Why choose Sankalp Volunteer?
Experience: We have more than 10 years of experience running our volunteer program successfully in India.
Flexibility: You can choose your own start date and end date!
Meaningful: You will experience worthwhile and fulfilling volunteer projects serving our local community.
Safety: We have full time staff close by in our volunteer placements.

Why should I pay to Volunteers?
Although volunteering is a great way to give your time, it does come with a cost in order for you to live comfortably while volunteering within our program. Your fees will help cover the cost of paying our staff (driver & cook) along with accommodating you with a safe, comfortable living environment; which include daily amenities, two meals a day, and internet access. A partial sum of your fee will also help our programs continue to run and help the children we serve.

How do I choose a program options?
Make sure you look at the two different kinds of programs we offer - The "Volunteer & Travel" option has set dates throughout the year and it is the most popular option available. Under this option there are four different programs for you to choose from. If none of these options fit your schedule you can do the "Volunteer Only" program which allows you to volunteer anytime for as many weeks as you like would like.

Do I need experiences, special skills to be a volunteer at Sankalp?
No, you don't need any special skills. We are happy to welcome everyone that is enthusiastic and driven to help other people. It's necessary to speak English since it is the language we use to communicate, but it's perfectly fine if English is your second language. You'll also be able to improve your level of English here, as you'll be speaking it constantly.

How it is safe?
At Sankalp we make safety a high priority for each and every volunteer and staff member that join our program. Our program has been running for several years and we have had the great joy in welcoming hundreds of volunteers into our program, please trust that we have extensive experience in caring and protecting all of our volunteers. This includes safety within the house, transportation provided by us, safety at the program locations, and any emergencies that may arise. We do not conduct any program that could in any possible way jeopardize the safety of any volunteer or staff member. We are very proud of our ongoing commitment and provision of safety for all that join our team. In the past 8 years we have had hundreds of volunteers within the age group of 16-65 years of age, with a maximum of 30 volunteers at the house, with no miss-happening to anyone in our program. In order to continue our priority and contract with safety, our organization maintains very set rules and regulations. We ask that you join our program with adherence to the set rules and respect them appropriately for your own and others personal safety.

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"I am so thankful for this opportunity! As stressful and tiring as the volunteering was, every bit of hardship was made up by the joy I've felt from knowing that I have made a difference however small it may seem. Seeing the girls faces light up at learning something new was so rewarding. I have and will continue to recommend the program to friends. The accommodation was good. I loved the food! It was healthy, delicious and authentic! No Complaints! I absolutely recommend the program. We were so lucky to work with the grassroots organization. We know that the money and effort we put in goes directly to those who need it."

Terra Wright, USA

"I really enjoyed my five weeks here. It was even better than expected. The women empowerment programme was great and the volunteer house in a really good location. Jaipur particularly was a great base to explore Rajasthan and its surrounding cities and attraction. Also I think Sankalp is good value compare to other volunteer programmes and definitely has more of charity, rather than a business fed to it. The Sankalp team seems to genuinely care about the work programs and the people and children they are benefiting. I really loved the house and felt very cozy in my little bed! Food was delicious. All the staff was great. Amita and Pranay are great at holding everything together. I will definitely recommend Sankalp to my friend and family. And also I may come back next year!!"

Annabel Fox, UK



Program Description

Our "Female Empowerment" program offers a unique experience for volunteers to positively affect the lives of young women in the rural areas of Jaipur. Volunteers spend the afternoons teaching these young women communication skills, basic skills for their future career or educational paths, computer skills, along with many other encouraging lessons. These positive interactions help build up the confidence in these young women. Through this program, we strive to offer a changing outlook on life for growing girls in a society that is lacking the understanding of the equal importance of a girl's value in life. While empowering these girls, volunteers will find empowerment and purpose in their own lives as well.  

Volunteer work activities

• Teach and enhance the English language; including verbal and written through reading, writing, and speaking skills.
• Teach basic computer operating skills.
• Encourage and uplift confidence through discussion and activities.
• Share tips regarding growing up and developing as a young woman.
• Share and teach about the world, cultures, future opportunities, and many other valuable aspects.

Project requirements

Duration - The minimum required time to volunteer within this program is 4 weeks. This is to provide stability and bonding to benefit the children in the best way possible.. 
Qualification - Volunteers must participate in this program with knowledge of English and Computer skills. This program allows female volunteers only at this time.
Visa type - You will need the tourist Visa for this program.

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