Group Volunteer Programs India

Our group volunteer and travel programs in India invite high school students, university students, families and other groups to join meaningful volunteer programs in India directly with local non-government organization. With Sankalp, you become part of the community, get to know the local people and become much more than a tourist; you travel with a purpose and literally change your life and the lives of those you help through your efforts.

High School Volunteering

If you're in the 16 to 18 age group and have time to volunteer, why not in India for volunteer work experience? Join high school volunteer abroad programs with Sankalp Volunteer and become a part of meaningful and most affordable volunteer abroad programs for under 18's and teenagers.

University volunteering India

A genuine group volunteering experience for universities and colleges with various Volunteer Work opportunities in India. We offer most affordable, meaningful and safe volunteer work programs with registered non-government organization for international college students in 2020.

Family Volunteering

Our family volunteering in India gives all family members a unique shared experience of living & working together. This program also gives parents the opportunity to teach kids to become lifelong active citizens and to broaden their worldviews.

Applications are now open for 2020 Summer Program