Group Volunteer and Travel Programs India

This group volunteer and travel programs in India invite high school students, university students, families and other groups to join meaningful volunteer and travel programswithin India with a local NGO programs. With Sankalp, you become part of the community, get to know the local people and become much more than a tourist; you travel with a purpose and literally change your life and the lives of those you help through your efforts..

  • Who volunteer with Sankalp?
  • When should I apply?
  • How will be a typical working day?
  • Why do volunteers pay?

Abroad volunteers are welcome on all of our programs from the age of 16 upwards and there is no maximum age limit. Many of our volunteers are between 18 and 25 years old. Many younger people take part in our Volunteering & Travel combined programs before starting university or even after graduation. You can choose whether to go with Volunteer Only programs or travel combined volunteer programs. Group Volunteer Trips are available for teens, college students and families year-round on specific and customized dates. For more information on university volunteering, high school trips and family volunteering please see our Group Trips section.

There is no firm deadline for applications. Some travel combined volunteer trips require at least four weeks to process an application, arrange for travel, and advise you properly on how to prepare. Whenever you are thinking of traveling combined volunteer programs, we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Having more time to prepare makes it easier for you to fundraise, and for us to advise you on preparations.
Volunteer programs are run Monday-Friday in the mornings (about 4 hours); however, some do occasionally run in the afternoons depending on amount of volunteers. Transportation is provided to each program both from the house and back to the house. You are responsible to provide yourself with a morning breakfast meal (as needed), but upon arrival back from your morning work you will receive a well prepared lunch from the house cook. After lunch time you are free to explore and visit local places of interests, relax at the house, go shopping, or other activities of your choice. There are many sites to see within the city of Jaipur and we can recommend several upon your arrival. In the evening, dinner is served by the house cook.
Although volunteering is a great way to give your time and free work, it also does have its costs in order for you to live comfortably while volunteering within our programs. Your fees will help cover the cost of paying our staff (driver & cook) along with accommodating you with a safe, comfortable living environment including daily amenities, meals, and internet access. A partial sum of your fee will also help our programs continue to run and help the children we serve.

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