Summer Volunteer Program 2019

We are super excited to announce that the application for the summer volunteeer Program 2019 is now opened, start your volunteering journey in India along with amazing travel experiences as well.

Volunteer and Travel Programs

Be a responsible tourist: Combine volunteering with adventurous travelling! This volunteer and travel option gives you the unique ability to combine meaningful volunteer work with non-profit organization with an action-packed adventure tour in India. Travel while volunteering enables you to give back to the people and environment of your host country and also discover its diversity of cultural and natural attractions.

With Sankalp, you become part of the community, get to know the local people and become much more than a tourist; you travel with a purpose and literally change your life and the lives of those you help through your efforts. We offer various volunteer and travel programs in India such as Summer Program 2019, Volunteer Work & Travel, Holiday Volunteering 2019, and Volunteering & India Expedition programs on most affordable program fees!.

Traveling and volunteering in the second largest nation on the planet will bestow you with a truly unique experience. In volunteering & travel programs you will travel & volunteer with other like-minded young adults from all over the globe so you will be able to make new friends while sharing your adventurous and cultural experience. The purpose of following travel combined volunteer programs in Jaipur is to promote a deeper level of cultural exchange and understanding through meaningful volunteer work, social and cultural activities with the local community including excursions.

Volunteer and Travel Options

summer volunteer program
Summer Volunteering 2019 India

Why not combine your summer vacation with a volunteer trip where you'll explore a new place, Join our summer volunteer program 2019 and increase your self-esteem and confidence. The summer program provides you a greater understanding of others. This is three week long program is a combination of travelling to the most beautiful parts of the country and volunteering in India.

Volunteer and travel program
Volunteer Work & Travel

This option is a combination of volunteer work and discovering incredible India. The volunteer work experience will give you an opportunity to make a difference in the world and someone's life, while the travel will lead you to discover India. Grass root volunteering with a purpose and travel with a premium tour program with in affordable price in a foreign country are the main features of this program.

Women Empowerment Volunteer Program
Volunteering & India Expedition

Are you looking for an adventurous and rewarding experience in India? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our gap year experience combines travel, adventure and volunteer work. The program is a mixture of rewarding experiences and action. We offer a 6 week Gap Year India Expedition and Volunteer work program that will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Stop paying too much money for volunteer programs in India!

Through our programs you'll find meaningful volunteer opportunities in India on most affordable program fees. We directly offers volunteer programs with our Non-Government Organization since 1994, therefore, you eliminates the need of a placement agency. That means volunteers pay much less and get correct placement.


We believe that everyone possesses such different and unique qualities that each of us can make an impact while volunteering. In our standing belief of this notion, we don't have set traits for our volunteers. We welcome all who are dedicated to helping others, working hard, and learning more about our beautiful country, people, and culture.


All of Sankalp's work has enriched the people of our society with opportunities that many of them would not be able to experience without your help. You will find that the meaningful effort you put into your volunteer work will benefit the children of course, but benefit you even more.

Most Affordable

We provide most affordable and transparent volunteer programs in Jaipur at just $127/week.The volunteer programs have been chosen not only for affordability, but also for the organization's reputations and established histories as well.


We understand that everyone is busy and that for most, India is a huge trip! Therefore, we have allowed volunteers the flexibility of choosing their own arrival/start date.

Volunteer Abroad Reviews
I had a great experience joining the program. The communication was really good and I liked that I received information at home before I come to India. The government school was very nice and I found it comforting that I was joined by other teachers when I first started. I feel like my help was appreciated especially by the kids. I feel like I did a lot for them. They were adorable and I hope they will remember us. I felt at home at the school. Even though we had a language barrier between us and the Indian teachers. They really made us (me) feel really good at school. Accommodation and food was amazing! The team was great. I felt really at home and I felt comfortable asking questions and everyone was really nice. I think the weekend trips are great selection of things to do in Rajasthan. I enjoyed all of them. Favorite was definitely the camel Safari. I love all the hotels. Really good value for money. The transportation was very good. I will definitely recommend Sankalp to others. I don’t think that there are better organizations in India then this one.
Elsbeth Wolrich