Summer Volunteer Program 2019

We are super excited to announce that the application for the summer volunteeer Program 2019 is now opened, start your volunteering journey in India along with amazing travel experiences as well.

Volunteer Programs India

If you're interested in abroad volunteer programs; you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find fantastic volunteer opportunities in India. We invite individuals, couples, groups, families and students to make a great contribution and bring changes by getting involved in our volunteer programs in India. We have been hosting 2500+ abroad Volunteers in Jaipur for years now and we continue to welcome more each year.

The organization is India’s leading gap year and volunteer travel activity provider and it offers various volunteering opportunities for non-government organization on most affordable program fees. The abroad volunteer work is running in both rural and urban locations. The organization is working in the most needful and remote areas, these areas’ are surrounded and well linked with famous places of public interest and tourist spots.

The volunteers can opt to participate for the programs ranging from a 1 week to a 12 month duration. You can start your volunteer work with us whole year round, whenever suits you best. But the Travel combined volunteer programs will begin on a pre-decided start date. Abroad volunteers are welcome on all of our programs from the age of 16 upwards and there is no maximum age limit. Many of our volunteers are between 18 and 25 years old. Many younger people take part in our most popular Volunteering and Travel Programs before starting university or even after graduation. The volunteers are greeted on their arrival, will be given general tips at our orientation and we will accommodate them with a group of other volunteers to start up their programs of choice.

You will be volunteering with Sankalp Volunteer Society that is most reputable non-government organization in India since 1994. We have provided unforgettable volunteering experience to over 2500 volunteers from across the world. We endeavour hard to provide excellent service to all our volunteers from the moment we receive your application.

Volunteer Opportunities

Orphanage Volunteer Program
Volunteer in India Orphanage

You get the opportunity to participate with the orphanage children in daily routines while your volunteer program in India.

Volunteer Program for Street Children
Volunteering for Street Children

The volunteers get the opportunity to help in the program for street children by teaching and inspiring them for basic education.

Women Empowerment Volunteer Program
Women Empowerment Program

Volunteers are given the opportunity to motivate, encourage, and teach young women in the society basic English and computers.

Teaching English Volunteer Program
Teaching English Volunteer

As teaching English volunteer in India you will be helping children ranging from 4 years to 16 years of age in local schools.

Volunteer Program India
Volunteer With Elephants

Volunteer work opportunities with elephants in India, elephant volunteer program to help mahouts & care elephants in Jaipur.

Volunteer Abroad Programs
Himalayan Cleaning Project

Join hands with us to clean and heal Himalaya through our Himalayan cleaning project in Dharamshala region. Coming Soon...

Stop paying too much money for volunteer programs in India!

Through our programs you'll find meaningful volunteer opportunities in India on most affordable program fees. We directly offers volunteer programs with our Non-Government Organization since 1994, therefore, you eliminates the need of a placement agency. That means volunteers pay much less and get correct placement.


We believe that everyone possesses such different and unique qualities that each of us can make an impact while volunteering. In our standing belief of this notion, we don't have set traits for our volunteers. We welcome all who are dedicated to helping others, working hard, and learning more about our beautiful country, people, and culture.


All of Sankalp's work has enriched the people of our society with opportunities that many of them would not be able to experience without your help. You will find that the meaningful effort you put into your volunteer work will benefit the children of course, but benefit you even more.

Most Affordable

We provide most affordable and transparent volunteer programs at just $127/week.The volunteer programs have been chosen not only for affordability, but also for the organization's reputations and established histories as well.


We understand that everyone is busy and that for most, India is a huge trip! Therefore, we have allowed volunteers the flexibility of choosing their own arrival/start date.

Volunteer Abroad Reviews
I loved my time at Sankalp! They gave me one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. Before I get into the fun and thrilling adventures I had, I joined their Program for Street children in Jaipur and enjoy the program a lot, I had really good time with the kids. If you are dedicated to those adorable smiles and believe that every child deserves basic necessities and attention, then Volunteering with Street Children is a good option for you. I want to say Sankalp provided excellent housing (volunteer house, Jaipur), and I always felt 100% safe. It was very easy to find things to do every evening; there was always something to do! At the end of the night you could flag a rickshaw to take you home for a very low rate. I truly experienced the perfect mesh of volunteering and travel to India; I'll always remember my time spent with Sankalp and I highly recommend this program. Thanks for the opportunity.
Andrea Gerken