Summer Volunteer Program 2020

We are super excited to announce that the application for the summer volunteeer Program 2020 is now opened, start your volunteering journey in India along with amazing travel experiences as well.

Volunteer Programs India

Here you’ll find meaningful volunteer work opportunities in India. We invite individuals, couples, groups, families and students to make a great contribution and bring changes by getting involved in our volunteer programs in India. We have been hosting 2500+ abroad Volunteers in Jaipur for years now and we continue to welcome more each year.

The volunteers can opt to participate for the programs ranging from a 1 week to a 12 month duration. You can start India volunteer program year round, whenever suits you best. While Travel combined volunteer programs will begin on a pre-decided start date. The volunteers are greeted on their arrival, will be given general tips at our orientation and we will accommodate them with a group of other international volunteers to start up their programs of choice.

Orphanage Volunteer Programs

With our program we seek to assist the orphanage in helping the children. The volunteers will participate in the daily routines and can contribute with many things, just by being caring and affectionate in their work with the children. Volunteer will working especially with the mentally challenged children, because this is where the Orphanage staff seriously needs help.

Volunteer with Street Children

The organization is running schools near the localities of dwellings of these communities and working among these children under the Street Children Education Program with support of international volunteers and providing free education, educational materials, uniforms and etc. The volunteers are mainly focusing on the ways needed for their upliftment.

Women Empowerment and Rights

The concept of women empowerment lies in gross development of a woman physically, mentally and literarily. Volunteers organize special workshops for adolescent girls and adult women, teaching conversational English, a vital asset to their educational and professional prospects. Computer classes are also organized by volunteers, building women’s confidence, supporting talents, and promoting a professional background.

Teaching English Volunteer

Teaching Program is run in Government Primary Schools in rural areas of different state of India. The volunteers will teach in the schools and organize various enjoyable and creative activities for the children to sharpen their talents and increase the knowledge. The volunteers work continuously to explore the hidden talent in the children and to promote them.

Volunteer With Elephants

The conservation volunteering program for elephants we offer is designed to not only assesses human-elephant conflicts, but you will also get the chance to engage in hands on work with elephants and assist in their care. The program is located in village near Jaipur which is known as "Elephant Village".

Himalayan Cleaning Project

The Himalayan volunteering opportunities offer volunteer and travel immersive programs for the travelers, college students, and individuals of all age group to a lifetime experience a different way. Experience a wonderful Volunteering and Travel opportunity in Himalaya to learn, share and live the different facets of Life.