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The meaning of the Hindi word 'Sankalp' in English is: 'Take a Pledge' Make the pledge to volunteer and make positive change to our local communities by being a Responsible Tourist in India!
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About Volunteer Programs

We are organizing most affordable volunteer and responsible travel programs supporting child care and education in India. Through our programs, you can volunteering with registered charitable trust (NGO) to assist orphanages, schools and small communities for better child care and improve education as responsible tourist in India. We try to make the most impact by directly supporting people through our volunteer programs that provide the chance for a new life, a new future for our community.

We invite you to contribute your time, skills and financial resources to support social development programs in India and we are proud to have hosted more than 2500+ volunteers and funds for NGO - Sankalp Volunteer Society, India since 2006.

We are incredibly proud of our all volunteers/ travellers who have joined our volunteer and made an amazing contribution to the society. Our volunteers/travellers have joined from all over the world, and many of them continue to come back as responsible tourist and serve the people in our community, through the volunteer tour programs we offer.

About Non-Profit Organziation

Sankalp Volunteer Society, India is a leading charity working with and for underprivileged children and women for nearly 12 decades. It is registered charitable trust (NGO) since 1994 under the society registration act of India. The organization helps to independently monitor offered volunteer travel programs are managed responsibly.

We have a strong partnership with the society which has given us the opportunity to fund numerous initiatives and programs in the communities where their programs are based.

Volunteer With Non-Profit For Free

You will be volunteering with non-profit organization for 100% free. However, you pay a program fee to cover the costs associated with hosting you as a volunteer that include airport transfers, accommodation, meals, daily transportation to projects, excursions, adventures tours and other travel support within India.

The fees you pay are not only used to cover costs of services provided directly to you, but are also used for behind the scenes management of our quality volunteer programs. The fees you pay have a carryover effect on the local community long after you go home. This money directly funds the project you are working on, and in turn, many others. Without you and the thousands of volunteers before you, the progress and changes we have made in the lives of so many would not be possible.

Read more about why we charge a fee and how your money is spent!