Planning Volunteering India Trip 2020

Applying for one of our Volunteer Program!

Are you unsure where to start? No idea what to pack? Don't worry, we're here to help you make the right decisions and give you plenty of advice on packing for your India Volunteering Trip in 2020.

We know packing can be a challenge - that's where we can help! As your volunteer trip draws closer, filling your suitcase with all the essentials becomes an increasingly daunting task.

Please think about packing basic items that may not be available here in India. For example, consider mosquito repellent, sunblock cream, specific medications or medical kits, international outlet plugs for this country, feminine hygiene products, etc). Also please bring your own towel, as we don't provide individual towels, but we do however provide bedding/pillows. Please contact us with specific needs or questions regarding a packing list. You will not need to pack too many clothes, as you will need to purchase specific clothes here in order to adhere to the Indian culture and appropriate attire (this is more directed toward the female volunteers). Clothing prices are quite cheap and we will guide you on places to shop upon your arrival. A local market is also close to the volunteer house for breakfast foods, water bottles, and snack items.

Clothing - When working in foreign countries it is respectful to wear suitable clothing and be sensitive to their cultural beliefs

In order to respect Indian norms and traditions as a female, it is important to be covered up when out and about. This would include covering your shoulders and knees.

To respect Indian norms and traditions along with working in the community, there are specific dress codes for both men and women. Men are to wear long sleeves and long pants. Women are to wear the Indian tops that are in length to the knees and also cover the shoulders/chest/upper arms (these are called Kurta). Leggings/pants are also to be worn in order to cover the knees and legs (these are called Salwar). Women's clothing is available for cheap purchase within close range of the house. You can also find them online too before traveling.

For the majority of the year, India's weather is hot. Loose-fitting clothing is advisable, but keeps in mind to adhere to the traditional, respectful dress policies. In winter, you should bring some warmer clothing to wear over or under.

Footwear - This is very common to wear sandals here. If you are traveling to different sites and in the dessert, we recommend bringing a pair of enclosed shoes or walking/hiking shoes for extended comfort.

Visa - All our volunteer programs fall under the category of volunteer tourism and we recommend you state your purpose of travel as "tourism" on your visa application. Stating any other purpose of travel will not be applicable to us. We provide information such as references and local address following the approval of the volunteer application.

If you are looking for a short term volunteer program, you can obtain an e-Visa up to 1 month. For more information visit e-Visa Government Portel

If you wish to volunteer longer than a month, you can apply for a 6 months Tourist Visa with Indian embassy or please visit your own country's government visa website for more information, as each countries long term via requirements vary.

The visa validity duration begins on the first day of issuance.

Flights - We are flexible here, you can book flight into Delhi/Jaipur airport any time any day. However, it is recommended to arrive on Saturday but if flights are not suitable or it is expensive then you can arrive 1/2 days prior from your program start date.

Vaccinations - We are not medical professionals, but we can advise you in the basic vaccinations recommended before traveling. Please consult your doctor or home travel clinic before traveling. The vaccinations you may need will be specific based on the country you are traveling from and also on any previous vaccinations you may have received as a child. Some basic ones you should consider are; Hepatitis A and B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Yellow Fever, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Medication)

Many international airlines have weekly and sometimes daily flights to Delhi and Jaipur. Popular airlines include KLM, British Airways, Indian Airline, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, Emirates and Lufthansa.

There are even flights directly to Jaipur destinations from the USA, Australia, the Middle East and Asia, although many cheaper flights will take travellers through major European airports such as Heathrow (London) and Schiphol (Amsterdam).

Once you arrive at the airport designated for your project, you will no longer have to worry about transport as we will meet you at the airport and provide all transportation while you're on project!

Prior to your trip you will need to arrange travel insurance that will also give you full cover for any medical requirements that may arise during your trip, including cover for full air evacuation in the unlikely event that this is necessary. Your medical cover also needs to include repatriation.

Travel insurance is also good to have in case anything happens to your camera equipment or other belongings.

Just because you're volunteering in India doesn't mean you have to leave all your electronics behind! SIM cards for your phone are readily available near our project locations, so you can keep in touch with family at home.

Keep in mind to bring extra memory cards for your camera, as well as a USB, which may come in handy for exchanging photos with your fellow volunteers.

What currency is used in India?

The currency in India is the Indian rupee. Exchange rates do vary per country and as time progresses. You may view these exchange rates online. Currency exchanges are available within both aiports and also in the .

How much money shall I bring?

That is up to you. Prices in India are very low compared to your home country. We highly recommend that you do not carry much money with you when traveling outside of the volunteer home. It is advisable to bring both a debit car and a credit card with you, in case one does not work properly. There are ATMS available for money withdrawal in both airports and by the volunteer house. Please inform your bank of your travels before leaving your country, as they are aware of out of country charges.

What will I be expected to pay for?

You will be in charge of paying for your own transportation for anything outside of the daily arranged transportation to your volunteer program. This will include travels to tourist sites, shops, and other places of interest. Any items such as souvenirs, food items, clothing, and others will be paid by you.

Can I bring traveller's checks?

Yes, you may but remember they will typically only be accepted within more modern places such as hotels and restaurants. Local shops and markets will not accept checks.

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