How to Apply

There are simple steps for you to understand how to apply for volunteering in India with Sankalp Volunteer.

To apply you need to submit an online application following the link below. It will ask you about your choice of program, location, duration and some personal information.

Please ring us on +91 7597341551 or email us  if there's anything you would like to discuss. Our basic package includes pickup, food, accommodation, daily transport to the project and the support of our staff at home and at the work site.

Once your application is approved, you will receive application approval email and request to deposit application fee USD $250. This fee is advance deposit to secure your place in the program and this is always on top of program fees.

Once your application fee has been deposited you will receive an email confirming your booking and confirming the place, program and date you are volunteering for.

What happens next?
An invoice for the balance of our fee, payable at least one month before departure or immediately, if there are less than one month to go.

We will send you a payment request email about 45 days prior to your program start date to deposit your balance fee.

Once your program fee has been deposited you will receive a confirmation email. We will send you an information booklet (Hand Book PDF) by email. This hand book contains everything you need to know about your impending volunteer placement.
Paid in Full
Pay your application and program fee together to receive a 5% discount off on selected programs.

Learn more about the Paid in Full Discount

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